Make Money Online Recycling and Selling Mobile Phones

With the demand for recycling come great opportunity in the telecommunications world. The world of mobile phones. Old mobile phones can now be sold for cash to a recycling scheme who reuse these phones by refurbishing them and selling them on to other people. Or dismantling them and reusing the parts inside or the precious metals in the making of refurbished or brand new mobiles.

They say there are literally millions of old mobile phones just lying around gathering dust. Sitting there completely obsolete never to be used again. Unfortunately a lot of them just end up being thrown away and are taken to landfill sites to sit in the ground for centuries. This can have a detrimental effect on the environment as metals and other materials inside these phones do not biodegrade. They can leak out hazardous chemicals which are hard to dispose of and clean up and they can get into the worlds water supplies contaminating our pure drinking water. Ultimately this costs more money to treat and means less safe drinking water for ourselves and our children.

So never throw old mobile phones away! Never throw them into the trash can. Old mobile phones can safely be recycled for cash online to one of the many great mobile phone recycling sites who take the phone and reuse it somehow in the making of newer mobile phones. This helps the environment which means a safer world for us and less resources being used to make brand new mobiles and other electrical gadgets.

There are many new mobile phone recycling sites you can use to sell your mobile phone to. Just go onto a search engine and search for something like Sell Your Mobile Phone and a list of the top used ones will be displayed. But each pay out different prices and each have their own features and benefits. It all pretty much works the same though. You register on their site. Send in your phone and days later get your payment. It’s simple! No more selling old phones on eBay or another auction site. No more meeting dodgy people in dark places to get cash for it. Just send it and and hey presto you get paid!

So if you have any old mobile phones, do yourself and the environment a favor. Recycle them for cash. With so many people having unused mobile phones lying around you can make a small fortune. There are many ways you can collect them. You may be a member of a church group. Or another type of organization. You could start a collection rally. Maybe have a deposit box people can drop their old mobile phones in. I am sure you could think up ways to get hold of some. How may friends do you have that have new mobile phones now? Where do you think all their old ones are? They are probably tucked away somewhere. So ask them if they want to keep them. Tell them of the great benefits of recycling them for cash online. Collect mobile phones and then send them in to recycling companies who will pay out money for them.

The more you send in, the more money you are going to be able to make. Even if it was only once or twice you would have still earned money. This way you can get cash back for your unused and not wanted poor mobile phone. It gets a new lease of life and you’ve helped yourself also. I am sure you could do with the extra money to pay some bills off? Well this concept couldn’t be easier and it’s so simple and they pay out so fast!

Telecommunication Recycling

Many large corporations and small businesses alike are looking into recycling their office equipment when they decide to upgrade or move to a new location. With today’s technology advancing so quickly, this leaves a lot of out of date electronics that most companies do not know what to do with after they upgrade to newer options. The same goes with telecommunication equipment. There are new phones, hardware, wiring, and everything else you can think of being upgraded on a daily basis when it comes to the communication aspects of a business or corporation, and this is leaving a lot of waste that people do not know what to do with.

The first thing to do is call an electronic recycling company to handle your transition. They will give you a turnkey service by completely dismantling all of your old phones, cords, fax machines, or anything else you plan to get rid of promptly and without damaging anything. This type of company will send out professionals that know how to take electronics out of an office without disturbing anything, or anyone. After they dismantle everything, this is when they will load it all into their truck and take it to their factory where the recycling process will start.

Everything at the recycling plant is organized onto spreadsheets and then brought to the proper locations. They will then be sorted to different areas, such as plastic, metals, and other categories, so that they can be broken down in a manner in which parts can be reused. Most metals and plastics to wiring and phones can be fully dismantled and melted down to where they can be used again on newer technology. This helps keep electronics out of landfills, and helps out the environment because less mining will be done to produce these metals.

The disposal process follows every regulation of the EPA, and is very environmentally minded. There will be some waste left over that cannot be recycled. This waste will properly be disposed of in the most environmentally safe way. After the company is done with the entire process of disposal and recycling, a letter will be sent to the business in which supplied the old telecommunication hardware stating that the process is over with and that they have successfully recycled their old equipment. This type of technological recycling makes a lot of sense considering our modern times that are run by electronics, and new ways are still being innovated today on how to better recycle old electronics.

Recycled Office Furniture – How to Choose the Right Used, Pre-Owned Or Recycled Office Chair

Have you ever been frustrated shopping for the right office chair? Due to the current economic conditions, there is an abundance of used or pre-owned office furniture available at a considerable discount. This abundance includes a vast array of recycled office chairs in all kinds of colors, sizes and adjustment features. This article has been written to help the would-be buyer know how to choose the right pre-owned chair for their needs.

How much are you will to pay?

First, you have to set your budget. How much are you willing to pay for a comfortable chair? Many office workers sit in their office seating from six to eight hours a day. Since an office worker spends so much time in their seating, the chair must provide adequate support and comfort to prevent back or carpal tunnel problems. A few years ago one large telecommunications company purchased $700 chairs for their in-house staff. This purchase may have seemed excessive for some, but the year following the amount of workman’s compensation claims due to office injuries declined significantly. Fortunately, in this present down economy, there is a wide selection of high-quality, pre-owned units available for purchase at ten cents on the dollar.

What size do you want?

Second, you have to decide what size chair you want. Pre-owned office chairs come in different sizes with varying weight capacities. Do you want the seat to be wide or narrow? Do you want it to have a low or high weight capacity? Of course, the answers to these questions are directly related to your body type and size.

What size back do you want?

Task chairs come with low, medium or high backs. When choosing a chair, you need to think about where you want the chair to hit your back. Some are secretaries who want ergonomic support on the small of their backs. Others like executive chairs with high backs that allow them to recline and rest their heads when between phone calls or meetings.

What adjustments do you want?

Next, you need to decide what seat adjustments you want. Almost all office chairs come with three basic adjustments including an airlift for height, a lock/unlock to allow the chair to lie back, and a spring to set the tension on the lie-back feature. Other possible adjustments include seat depth, height of the back, and tilt forward or back. The seat depth adjustment applies to staff members with long or short upper legs. Two chairs with the most adjustments are the Herman Miller Argon Chair and the Steel Case Leap chair. Both add an extra feature to tighten the tension and adjust the shape of the back support.

Do you want arms?

Another question you need to answer when choosing pre-owned office seating is: do you want arms and do you want the arms to be adjustable? Some desk configurations do not allow for arms; this is especially important when picking chairs for a conference room. When thinking about arms and adjustments, you need to know whether you want the arms to adjust up and down and whether you need them to move in or out.

What kind of fabric or material do you want?

Chairs come covered in leather, synthetic leather, or printed fabric. Obviously, pre-owned office chairs come as is. So it may take some hunting to find chairs made with the right materials and fabric colors. However, the likelihood of finding used chairs to match your office d├ęcor is great. Much of the available stock is sitting in dusty warehouses, so you may have to have the fabric cleaned. Still, with the amount of inventory waiting to be picked up at rock bottom prices, your search should not be long.

Are there available parts for repair?

The last question you want to ask is whether there are available parts to be found. The most common problem with used or recycled office seating is the airlift canisters for adjusting the height of the chair. A good dealer should be able to help you find replacements if needed. Even if they cannot, there are many online sources selling them through the internet. One last related inquiry is whether it will be worth the time and money to track down and purchase the replacement parts. Of course, this depends on the amount of money you paid for the chair. Some used office furniture dealers are selling top-level, brand name seating for as little as $50 to $80/chair.

One office furniture expert once told me that shopping for office furniture ranks lower than going to the dentist as a favorable thing to do. No doubt shopping for a used or recycled office chair can be a frustrating endeavor. This article was written to help you think through how to choose the right pre-owned business seating for your needs.