What Electronics Can You Recycle?

There are a lot of questions floating around about the different types of electronics that can be recycled rather than simply thrown away into a landfill. Well, the answer is that all electronics can be recycled.

Each electronic has elements that can be useful to either other electronics or even some research. The elements included in electronics can damage the earth and even have an effect on you eventually. There are so many electronics that are stored and just tossed in the garbage. These eventually are going to effect the environment enough that the flora and fauna are going to suffer.

Water and air pollution are big problems with electronics. The earth suffers five percent more every year because of toxic metallic gasses and oils as well as other hazardous waste that comes out of the pieces included in these machines. Any electronic machine can be taken apart even if it is just for one piece that can be recycled.

Copper, mercury, led, plastic, glass and other elements can all be separated and melted down into their own piles and disposed of properly without hurting the environment. Mercury is harmful to the soil and to fish when it spills into the water. Led, used in the computer screens, is also harmful and deadly to people and will eventually invade our drinking water supply if we don’t start doing something about it now.

If there are parts of your electronics that can be reused for other machines like cell phones or refurbished computers they will do that. Although, your hard drive and other pieces of your electronics that posses data will not be used. In fact, they will be destroyed within 48 hours of being given to the plant. That way nobody will ever have access to your data information ever again. This means that hackers can’t find your computer in a landfill and retrieve the info because it will be automatically destroyed.

It is always a good idea to recycle your electronics rather than throw them out. People don’t realize what harm they are doing to others and to themselves by not recycling. There are over 130 million cell phones that are thrown away every year without even giving a second thought. Get involved with saving your environment, your town and your future by recycling whatever electronics you have rather than dumping them in the trash. It is obviously easier, but in the long run it is going to be harder.

Recycle Sony Ericsson K800i

If you want to recycle mobile phones, the best option will be to recycle Sony Ericsson K800i. Most gadget lovers or for that matter mobile users love to upgrade their sets and buy the best ones from the market. Most phones of today combine advanced technology, light weight, numerous features and reduced weight size. Most users are keen to buy the 2nd or the 3rd generation handsets. But they are not aware of one important thing. The material that is being used for making the phones is toxic elements and they can cause great environmental hazards.

Even arsenic is also used among the toxic elements. Discarded cell phones can cause a lot of problems. If you place the mobile in landfills, it will cause a lasting damage. The best way is to recycle mobile phones. It has been noted that valuable materials from used wireless devices can be recovered. The components can be either melted or reused in some other products. Even the cell phone industry is encouraging refurbishment of PDAs and cell phones. For wireless recycling, the best option is ReCellular Inc. It has been considered as a pioneer in charitable recycling arrangements.

Another good option for recycling mobile phones especially Sony Ericsson K800i is Wireless Foundation. It simply refurbishes the phones, and offers them to people who have been abused in domestic violence. The phones function as lifelines and they can be used to call in times of emergency. The money that is collected from the sale of phones is donated to fund agencies which help to protect the victims. There is The Call to Protect campaign which helps the victims with wireless phones. The Cellular Telecommunication & Internet Association has a special program for the users so that they can understand the options available for recycling wireless devices.

The wireless devices are collected recycled and the recycled material is used for making other products. Some of the other useful programs for recycling wireless devices include the AT&T Wireless Reuse and Recycle Program. The users bring unwanted wireless phones, batteries and accessories for recycling the products. The organization is also helping in Keep America Beautiful Program. This is a non-profit organization which helps to educate the public in litter prevention, waste impact minimization and improvement of public places. All these organizations are striving to educate the people about the ways of recycling mobile phones. Instead of dumping the older models in the garbage bin, it is better to donate them in any of the above mentioned organizations, so that they can be used for benefiting people and community.

Using FoneHub to Recycle Mobiles and iPods

There are many benefits to recycling a mobile phone or gadget that will benefit you and others. The most obvious benefit and the main motivation for most people is to get cash in return for their unused handsets. The more recent the phone the more a recycling service will pay for it.

By recycling your old phone you are indirectly benefiting the environment. Non-working handsets that are beyond repair can be dismantled and the parts recycled and reused in other handsets. This saves on unnecessary wastage of fresh resources and burning of fossil fuels that are used to process and produce them into new parts.

Having a phone recycled often means it is being reused. Refurbished phones are sold to people in developing countries. They help people get connected who can’t afford a new phone. This is helping build a telecommunications infrastructure that we often take for granted in the more developed countries.

Many people get at new phone every two years or less from their mobile phone contract. This results in a spare phone, out of use, perhaps kept as a back up for a few days just in case the new one is disliked or breaks. After a few weeks this old handset has become obsolete and often gets forgotten about. Well now is the opportunity to dig it out and recycle it. Just think of the benefits.

It is easy to make this happen. Simply visit one of the mobile recycling services such as FoneHub. Next type in the model number of your old handset or alternatively find it by the manufacturer. Once you have selected the model you want to recycle it will display a quoted price for either a new or used handset. If you like the price they are showing you can add it to the basket. Most sites will ask for an IMEI number which usually can be found underneath the battery inside the phone.

If the phone is valued at over £50 you have the opportunity to make a bit of extra cash by sending accessories along with it. FoneHub currently accept travel chargers, original bluetooth headsets or handsfree kits. Adding any of these will bump the price up.

As the normal postage is not covered it is advised that either a proof of sending is got from a Post Office or recorded delivery is paid for so that higher priced handsets are insured if they get lost on the way. Once the phone has been received it will be checked then payment will be sent within two days.